Lincoln County Animal Shelter

In Lincoln County, OR, pet license fees and donations are an important source for funding essential animal services. When you license your pet, know that you are doing your part to help your local shelter workers care for lost, injured and abused animals.

We are proud to call the Lincoln County Animal Shelter an official Safe & Happy Partner. We will always donate 20% of every designer tag sale to LCAS in an effort to provide additional funding for the community’s vulnerable animals and the staff that serves them. They are doing some pretty amazing things for local animals in need, read on to learn more about this great organization!

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We spoke with Director, Laura Ireland, about what’s been going on at the LCAS.

What is something you are really proud of as an organization? We have a very high redemption rate for lost dogs, a short length of stay, and strive to only bring in cats who really need us (when there is a high likelihood they do not have an owner). We make sure that animals are medically healthy before being placed for adoption; most animals receive the best and most extensive vet care they’ve ever had while in our care! We also have a very highly trained and skilled staff with an incredibly low turnover rate (only 5 new hires in 10 years). Overall, we are highly regarded in our community.

What is something that makes your shelter unique? We’re very progressive for being a small, rural, municipal shelter!

What is a program that you run that is really important for people to know about? Our shelter provides free emergency boarding for animals in need when owners are arrested or have a medical emergency.

Can you share a story of a specific pet you helped recently? This year, we spent two weeks responding to the Echo Mountain Complex Fire which destroyed 300 homes in the town of Otis. We helped hundreds of cats, horses, dogs, pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, birds, reptiles, and fish. In the midst of the evacuations on the day the fire started, a Sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office saw a kitten in the middle of the road. He was able to scoop her up and bring her to the Otis Fire Hall, which ended up being a drop-off site for first responders to bring found animals and connect with Animal Services Deputies. “Smudge” needed to have her eye removed, and needed to heal her burned paws, but recovered well and is now in a safe, loving permanent home with the vet tech who cared for her.

Smudge the Kitten
Smudge the Kitten

How many donors do you have? About 6,000, with many recurring!

What is something you are raising funds for today specifically? We are currently raising funds for a new animal shelter building.

Do you have any specific advice for pet owners that you’d like to share? You never know when an emergency situation will arise, so, it’s important to always have a disaster preparedness plan in place for your family (including your pet)!

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